I don't know whether to be excited or frightened...

After just two weeks under soil, the first seedlings are sprouting! They look odd compared to what many others have looked like, but they are all from the same seed parent and are all germinating in the rows where those seeds were spread. These are Nessie X Tom Thumb.
I’m hoping the seedlings pick up repeat and more dwarf architecture from Tom Thumb as Nessie is definitely from what is sold as Montecito with probable pollen from Mlle Cecile Brunner and is a huge, once-flowering climber. Nessie X Annie Laurie McDowell has given repeat flowering climbers, a few without prickles. Pink Petticoat X Nessie repeats, has few prickles and appears to be significantly reduced in plant size. These are Nessie X Florence Bowers Pink Tea, a found rose which appears to be a climbing Tea.
I have no delusions of any results being “controllable”. Florence flowers regularly, is health, quite vigorous, marvelously scented and down right gorgeous. Their babies should be beauties, too.

My Goodness Mr. R!

I think you may have hit on something!

Great genes and great possibilities, and so many, and the ability to do it again.

I’ll pony up for shipping costs for all if you decide to spread them around.


Nessie with Tom Thumb, I get. But crossing Nessie with a tea that is thorny and attains 14 feet? Hmmm… :wink:

I imagine the blossoms will be quite pretty, and the plant healthy. So in answer to the implicit question in your post… Yes? :wink:

Yes, indeed! Even more are sprouting! Not bad not using any “cold stratification” other than leaving the bags out on the covered patio for the past few weeks with nights into the forties. There are several more Nessie crosses and 1-72-1 X Minutifolia! That one should be quite intriguing, presuming there are really hybrids in there. If it does with Minutifolia what it did with Hugonis, I’m jazzed! Absolutely! I’m sure there will be some I honestly won’t be able to handle here due to room, so practice your rooting skills!

The Nessie seedling list is rapidly expanding. So far there are Nessie X
George Washington Richardson (AKA probably Mlle de Sombreuil)
Sweet Riley 'Sweet Riley' Rose
Lilac Charm or Secret Garden. Unfortunately both batches of seeds got mixed. “Things” happen!
Eyes for You
Florence Bowers Pink Tea
Paul Barden’s 42-03-03, the more dwarf, repeat flowering self seedling of Mr. Moore’s 0-47-19, the Wichurana X Floradora rambler.
Faith Whittlesey
April Mooncrest
Tom Thumb
Climbing Columbia
(First Impression X April Mooncrest)
Grey Pearl

The previously mentioned 1-72-1 X Minutifolia, then

Lilac Charm X Stellata mirifica
And Golden Angel X Stellata mirifica
These are all within the first three weeks of planting. I harvested the seeds and didn’t clean nor treat them with anything, just dumped them into separate small zip loc type bags and placed them in the dining room where they wouldn’t be disturbed. I continued collecting and adding to the box until I had finished emptying the three seed tables of last year’s seedlings. I didn’t even treat them with calcium nitrate, just watered the dickens out of them. This appears it might be a good year for germinations!

Hi Kim, can I guess with this cross “Golden Angel X Stellata mirifica” you could/will come up with a gray toned rose ?

Who knows, David? Golden Angel is a fertile triploid. Mirifica is diploid. The results could be anything. I would be delighted with a more “garden worthy” hybrid resembling Mirifica, but without the invasive suckering and far more compliant to garden settings. Something greyed would definitely be interesting! Whatever the results are, hopefully they are fertile and help transmit some of Mirifica’s interesting traits into further generations.

That’s basically all I’ve ever done…but I’m only 3 years deep in to rose germinations. Just remove from the hips and straight into potting mix around the end of feb (so end of summer in the southern hemisphere), in the following month or two the wettest part of the year is had so they get a lot of rain often, some will flower before winter comes, some will continue to grow through winter, most will slow down to a crawl.

There is a temperature component to it because I’ve experimented a bit, never get germination in summer but march temps here in sydney aren’t comparable to a fridge either.

What has germinated after the first three weeks. Pushing the Rose Envelope: 2018 seedling germinations after the first three weeks under soil