hybrid tea bourbon crosses

I have several vigorous seedling of madame isaac pereirex moonstone and other ht’s-they are now 6 months old and have not shown any bloom or bud. Has anyone made similar crosses? If so what kind of outcome did you have and how long should I keep these seedlings to observe for bloom?

Also have crosses with several hybrid musks -same concerns.

Some of these will take a year to flower for the first time. Be aware that Bourbon crosses are likely to have moderate to severe problems with Blackspot, so be prepared to cull aggressively. (My opinion, not necessarily yours)

I have a seedling of MIP x Delany Sisters. The first bloom came in it’s second year. Now in it’s 3rd year it’s blooming off laterals on a long cane. I think it wants to be a climber & I have no idea if it will be recurrent. There’s another seedling with Henry Kelsey pollen that is a true modern red, quite unlike either of the parents. It has fragrance & OGR form. It didn’t bloom until it’s third year. I have other seedlings that I had forgotten about that are reaching for the sky. I think MIP has a lot of surprises in store depending on what you put on it.