Hybrid Spinosissima pollen available

I have some pollen available and I have no way of using all that I am getting right now.

Beauty of Leafland and Williams Double Yellow are blooming like mad right now. I have already tossed tons of pollen in the freezer. I might also have some extra J5 pollen but am not getting near as much bloom as I had expected from my J5 so may not have much to offer.

Beauty has hundreds of flowers that will be ready in the next few days.

Williams double Yellow is smothered in flower and will need to start harvesting the pollen now.

J5 still has about a week for most of its flowers to start to bloom.

Ticked off, I was not paying attention and my r. xanthina and R. acicularis both bloomed while I was gone camping.

No big loss for me there.

If you have any extra J5 available I’d be interested. Thanks.


I would really appreciate some Beauty of Leafland pollen. That’s really generous of you.


Rob, got it. I think I may have some extra. Will need an address. The e-mail link should work (I think)

Max, will do. Let me know an address and I will send it out.


I would like to take you up on your generous offer of both pollens. The email link doesn’t work for me anymore but it might for yoy. If not please write me at the address posted here:

Link: www.holeman.org

It seems the email function isn’t working. Steve, you wouldn’t mind posting your email address, would you? I could quickly send you an email. My email address is ryochi500@aol.com


Please send Beauty Leafland and/or Williams Dbl Yellow pollen if still available.

Let me know if want reimbursed.

Thanx much.

dave wolfe

299 longwood pl

marysville, oh 43040