Hybrid rugosa longipetala


I never learned latin and “longipetala” is my idea to describe rose petals which are more long than wide.

In 2007 I had a R. kordesii looking like this and it seemed that the petals shrinked because of the lack of water at those days.

Today, it is the fourth or sixt week of drouth in my region.

And again, I found a shrub with these “shrinked” petals.

As I know about this ground, there are crossings from R. rugosa.

Maybe, this is from a (2x4x)-chimera of R. rugosa x (4x)-garden rose.

Any idea?

Best Regards


Very attractive form and color … really nice!


There was a discussion in a german rose gardener forum in March 2008.

One of the users there pointed at the ‘Climatis-effect’ and to crosses with r. banksiae respectively ‘Lila Banks’.


someone here at my place tried to get a tetraploid rugosa by colchizine treatment and only got 2x4x chimeras.


this one crossed the chimeras with tetraploid garden roses in order to include resistance properties from R. rugosa into the F1.

What happens to the F1?

Are there chimeral petals or do we deal with a triploid plant with problems in somatic cell dividing?

Whatever, I took it as seed parent and as pollen donor today.

We will see…