Hybrid Rose in Honor of a Loved One

I am looking for information about having a hybrid rose created that will be in honor of a lost loved one.

She passed very suddenly and her family is looking for a way to create a lasting honor. She left small kids who never got to know her and a rose that is named for their Mom is one idea. Her favorite color was yellow and we got the idea from looking at the Peace hybrid tea rose.

Maybe our expectations are unrealistic but I look forward to hearing from some of you.


Hello Vince,

Very sorry to hear of this family’s loss. What you wish to accomplish CAN be done, yes. What you have to do is negotiate with a hybridizer to buy the rights to name one of his/her seedlings. Usually you get a number of plants provided to you as part of the service as well, the number of which is negotiated as part of the deal. Naming rights can be had for as little as a few hundred dollars, or it can be tens of thousands of dollars, depending on who the breeder is and how good the plant itself is. You might arrange with one of this group’s members to buy naming rights for only a few hundred dollars. Perhaps someone will speak up and offer you this service.

I can only speak in absolute terms about myself. I do occasionally offer this service, and my price starts at $2000 and goes up, depending on the quality and type of plant being offered. However, people often prefer a Hybrid Teas to honor a loved one, and I do not breed Hybrid Teas.


Paul Barden

I saw information at Almost Heaven Roses Nursery about naming a rose for somebody. Check out their website.


You might also inquire at Roses Unlimited.

Link: www.rosesunlimitedownroot.com/

I think that Ping Lim does this.

Link: www.rosesbyping.com/

Steve Singer offers the service, see