Hum...Odd... Texas A&M considers '82- 1134' AKA Basye's Blueberry BS susceptible

In my garden, it had no disease last year or this year infact. Then again, it is still new and its merrits hasn’t been fully challenged. I hear from many people saying that it is disease free. They are using this rose and other disease susceptible roses as DNA markers in their breeding with amphidiploids to study offspring’s inheritance of BS proneness and resistance. What do you think of Basye’s Bluberry in your garden? Disease prone, carefree?


Last year Basye’s Blueberry was almost placed on my cull list due to blackspot problems. But then again, many “disease resistant” roses made that list, and NO roses were completely disease free, as I was subjecting them all to the cruelest of treatments. This year B.B. is blackspot free, as are all of my roses. Ruthless fall/winter culling and ONE good spraying following January/February pruning has done the trick so far

Where did you find the information on Basye’s Blueberry and Texas A&M’s gene markers?

I am going to Overton, TX this week to see some of the new Texas experiment stations field trials of some of the new roses. I think some of the roses will be unsprayed and some may be sprayed.

I am always interested in the research papers even if I don’t understand them.


Here is the link to the aggie rose site. I’ve visited with Dr. Byrne on a few occasions, they are doing some interesting work. E-mail me if you wish to discuss…

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