Hulthemia perscia Seedlings

These are the Hulthemia seedlings I grew from seed, they have not flowered yet.

I wondered where the stringy growth pattern came from in my various, but few, hulthemia derivitives. Even down the pike six or eight generations it’s evident. Good to see these, thanks.

Don they will not have that growth when I have finished with them, I have hips forming on Alitissimo offspring and Hybrid kordesii X Hybrid Spinossima offspring, it will give them a backbone which will not bent that easily. The pollinator was Eyes for You, I found the pollen not to be very fertille as I had to swamp the stigmas with pollen to make it stick and form hips.Its a pity these pure Hulthemias didnt flower for me this year but there is always tomorrow.

Most impressive germination and growth. Roughly what per cent of seeds does this represent? Are you using especially sandy well-drained soil, or your regular silt-loam?

Hi Larry , germiation rates were around 40% as the seed looked pretty old. The soil mix is just very good potting mix from the garden center. Although this species comes from a arid region of China , I feel the temperatures here in Deniliquin may be to hot for them to grow well. In Xinjiang there extreme temperatures are around 108F here in Deniliquin 104F is around normal for summer temps here although last year it did peak at 122F one weekend. This is good country to test those so called heat tolerate roses, you see many a potpourri on a stick here during the summer months. This summer I am going to move all theses hulthemias into a section where they recieve strong sunlight up untill 1pm then shaded.