Hulthemia Climber - 'Chawton Cottage ®'

Hybrid Hulthemia Persica, Climber; 'Chawton Cottage ®' Rose , bred by Harkness & Co, before 2019.

Does anyone know this rose and has ever bred with it? On HMF are no descendants listed.
It seems to me that there are so far only very few climbers within the Hulthemia range.

Very interesting Roseus! Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know this one. The only other Hulthemia climbers I know of are Meilland’s Eyeconic and Tantau’s Orienta Aladdin.

Warren Millington posted a Hulthemia climber that he developed on Facebook recently.


This would be one of the first hybrid hulthemia to be a climber: 'Persian Eyes ®' Rose
Persian Eyes by Martin Vissers. It’s not listed as a climber on HMF. But it climbs according to its creator.

Of course, the very first recorded hybrid, R. x hardii, would be considered a climber (albeit a once-blooming climber).


Yes I guess one of the first repeat blooming climbing hybrid hulthemia would be correct for Persian Eyes.

… and I’ve made two mistakes. It is Persian Dawn by Vissers. 'Persian Dawn ®' Rose