How to take care with open growing hips?

In my crosses my Lions Rose always set a kind of hip with external seeds. I’m thinking If the sun light, hot and dry whether may kill my seeds because they grow exposed. They need some protection? How can I tell if the hip is mature?

I believe the seeds are felt to be “ripe” something like 110 days after pollination, if I recall correctly. That’s why I have been dating my crosses so I can harvest approximately four months (120 days) after pollination. I simply put the name of the pollen parent with the month and date numbers on the tag and move on to the next pollination.

Its a good idea. I was collecting seeds only looking rip color or signs of drying. I keep the records in a notebook, I will try. I’m only concerned about the damage of exposure, I will wait. Thank you Kim.

You’re welcome, Rodrigo. I guess you could cover them with tulle or something. It’s a very fine cloth netting. There are also stabilizers and other fabric types which are fine, light and will permit air circulation while protecting against too hot, direct sun. Any decent fabric store should provide you a selection of weights and prices. I would imagine all you would need to do is explain your need and balance that with the request to keep the price affordable so they don’t try to sell you something higher priced and more finely made than necessary.

Ok Kim, I will try your advice. In my breeding I’ve been used an open piece of towel paper to protect the stigmas, like a little bag, maybe works for this too. The first seeds from this plant was an OP hip that grows open too, all the seeds floated. I’m stratifying them anyway. Thank you.

You’re welcome, sir! If paper toweling works well for you, don’t fix it, it isn’t broken. I live in a rather wet climate. No real rainfall, but being this close to the Pacific Ocean, the nightly fogs and heavy dews cause paper products to mold and deteriorate quickly. A synthetic material like a nylon or polyester would withstand that continual bathing of moisture and not support mold and rot as paper does. If paper is good for you, keep using it. Why add to the cost when you have something readily available? Good luck!