How to buy roses from abroad

Hello everyone, I am a Chinese rose enthusiast. I particularly like this rose ‘Sir Walter Scott’ . But we can’t buy it in China. Is there any way to buy it from Europe and send it back to China.

Welcome, Chio! First, check with the Chinese Agricultural Department, I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m sure there is something like it, to see what the import restrictions are to bring nursery stock into the country. There must be restrictions to prevent the accidental importation of pests and diseases not naturally occurring there from abroad. Once you’ve found out the proper process to import into China, your best possibility would be to contact the Austin Nurseries in Britain to inquire whether they export to China and if they will allow the variety to be exported there. The Austin Nurseries attempt to tightly control their creations, requiring the purchase of licenses by nurseries wishing to sell their roses. If they haven’t an official agent in China, they may not permit the rose to be exported there. If they have an agent, perhaps it may be possible to purchase it through them. That would be the most ethical method of attempting to obtain the rose you wish. Good luck!

Hi Chio,

If Hongyue (Garden Center in China importing legally plants from breeders outside of China) have not yet proposed it, it’s certainly for a reason. Did you ask them as they propose usually novelties ?