How long should flower last

As my seedlings begin to flower. I was wondering a few things. First how long should a new seedling flower last before it drops its petals? Secoundly is their any difference in this length of time and what you would see later on? My main reason for wondering this is that I have a seedling that has gourment Popcorn like flowers (in size and form), the first flowers lasted three days but the smell on these flowers was really powerful and heaven sent. I was wondering if this would improve. As far as the parentage I do not know. It is one of many open pollinated seeds from just about any rose that had hips on them just to see if I could grow the seeds.


I think every rose has it’s own characteristics about how long a bloom stays ‘alive’. The first flower is in general not the flower it will produce in the future. A lot can change; smell, color, ect. Just waith and see.