How are these ones for breeding?

I ordered some more roses and am curious if these are good parents.

These ones I just loved how they looked…






Hi Maria, just as a suggestion regarding any potential parent, you might try researching whether there are already documented offspring using the variety in question. I personally find very useful in this regard. Follow the link to the roses selection and choose custom search. Enter the name or part of the name and you can find whether any variety has been successfully used for seed or pollen. It’s really quick, easy and fascinating to follow the parentages. Thanks, Robert


‘Abraham Darby’ can be an outstanding parent if mated with the right thing. I have seen some excellent results using it in breeding, and will use it more in the future. I suggest you not waste your time using ‘Sharifa Asma’ as it is not very fertile, and the seedlings are almost always very weak and disease prone. Go back to ‘Mary Rose’ instead. I can offer you a plant of that if you want it. If you want yellow English style roses, use ‘Graham Thomas’. You may want to try working with McGredy’s ‘Brown Velvet’ which gives a lot of English style progeny is oranges and peaches.



I looked once at the help me find for ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ parents and it had a long list of roses so I got confused.

Are those ones like parents, grandparents and so on? Are they all the crosses made to get the ‘Diana’ rose? I will have to go back when I have more time to see if I can figure it out I guess.

Or maybe I hit the wrong button and got her offspring instead??

I do check on help me find a lot but wish more people would send in pictures of the roses! It would be nice when they have multiple pictures to list the zone it was grown in!

Where does it list fertility for the roses?

Paul: I cant remember now if ‘Mary Rose’ is one I have or not. I think I had John claire and Claire rose and do have Graham Thomas for planting next spring.

I have been browsing through the Hybridizers handbook for beginners and am checking the local used book store for other books. I might go to Barnes and Noble and just buy some if I cant find any there soon though. I read the list of reccomended ones on another thread. I have been heading to links posted on here too. So hopefully soon I will start getting the hang of this. Luckily it will be years before my roses get established so I have time to figure all this out!

But I do appreciate your comments and help!!


Maria, You probably hit the list for parents. You want the offspring, and select the option to list them by generation–only the first generation offspring will show a rose’s sucess as a parent, and whether it was used as seed or pollen parent.