Hose-End Mister Timer

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a source for a good hose-end mister timer? I have used Melnor and Nelson timers that have worked well, but it looks like neither company produces these anymore.


Jim Sproul

I have no prefered supplier, but googling “hose timer” will give you a plethora of good hits including sources for Nelson, Gilmour, Toro, Gardena… Nelson has replaced some of their earlier models.

Nelson Programmable Timer #56610 replaces 5940, per one site, and can be found for under $40.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the advice. Have you tried the 56610? I remember something about a Nelson mister replacement that couldn’t be programmed for all day use, though I can’t remember whether or not it was this model. I’ll check out Home Depot, Ace and Lowe’s.

I have been looking around on the net and found one that will more than do the job of misting, but it is very pricey.

Jim Sproul

I have no personal experience, but per the first vendor under above google search:

You Program The Watering Schedule You Need! Timer Turns your Garden Hose On And Off Automatically…

Same Nelson 5945 Product, Just A New Model Number!


Set The Days of The Week You Want To Water.

Advanced user options; up to 8 programmed watering cycles including MIST cycle

MIST cycle features 20 seconds ON, 5 minutes OFF. Set The Time of Day You Need This Cycle to Start. Then The Time The Cycle To Stop.

Easy, on-screen programming

Digital LCD time and program display

Two outlets: 1 programmed with manual option; The second outlet just press the button to have water anytime for a second hose connection. Does not interfere with programming, both outlets may be used simultaneously

Convenience outlet provides flexibility to use your faucet without interrupting timer settings

Reliable diaphragm design replaces ball valve and provides for longer battery life!

For non-commercial use only.

This Timer Has Proven To Be Very Reliable!

A Very Popular Product From Nelson.

It’s out of my league but here’s a pricy one that seems to be exactly what’s needed for mist propagation.


I’m using soda bottles with some of the cultivars from Elizabeth Park and was having good luck until we got a heat wave this week.