Home Run as a seed parent??

Before I waste too much effort on lost causes, I read in one of the archived threads that ‘Home Run’ is not fertile as a seed parent.

Last fall I had what appeared to be normal seeds in some open-pollinated hips on my ‘Home Run’. I didn’t try to germinate these though.

So my question is… is ‘Home Run’ pretty much completely useless as a seed parent, or does it just set a much smaller number of seeds per hip than other [good] seed parents?

I gave up on it as seed parent quickly. All attempts aborted quickly. I found the pollen quite fertile. Others have reported less satisfactory results.

I suspect Home Run might eventually set seed once fully established and not overly fertilized.

I’m working with second and third generation descendants now.

In my experience it does not set fertile seeds, if it sets seed at all. Even its pollen is marginally fertile. Like Robert, I have gotten a few seedlings and am moving forward with those, abandoning Home Run altogether. I find its architecture leaves a lot to be desired.

Tom, I agree that HR is way better as a pollen parent. I haven’t had any seeds on it as a seed parent. You may have more success using HR pollen on your more fertile seed parents. I too have moved away from using it directly. If you have a plant that frequently produces OP hips, however, you might try planting the seeds to check for germination rate. Sometimes a clone or perhaps just local conditions may give increased fertility and your particular plant may prove to be fertile as a seed parent. Even so, I don’t think that I would waste too much time on it with crosses on it until you have established that your rose has increased fertility as a seed parent.

Jim Sproul

Thanks guys! That’s exactly what I needed to hear.

I’ll just plan to use it as pollen parent, if I’m going to use it.

Thanks again, Tom