Hips this year

As I am in Tucson, and it’s quite hot here, I’m very far ahead of most of you in terms of this season’s hips. Almost all of mine are about 2 months old already, and I’m actually surprised at some that have set hips this year including Double Delight and St. Patrick. Most were open pollinated. I didn’t have a very big window this year to do my pollinations and keep records, since I was sole chairman of the rose show which peaked around pollination time, and the weather turned hot very quickly, so each morning I just threw pollen on ready blooms that I felt would be interesting crosses. Many were pollinated with Mme. Isaac Periere pollen, McCartney Rose, Deuil de Dr. Reynaud and what I think is Miami Moon. I don’t think most of the Miami Moon crosses took, but the Mme. IP pollinations look good, although since I didn’t keep track, I can’t be sure (I KNOW, I KNOW!! Don’t yell at me so loudly.)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got perculating. Hips total about 1,010. Those with an * are my seedlings.

About Face 2005 = 6

Ambassador HT 1979 No

Angel Face FL 1968 = (new plant) 2

Arizona HT 1975 = No

Baron Girod d’lAin H. Perpetual 1897 = 50

Baronne Prevost H. Perpetual 1842 = 12

Basil’s Kisses 2003* = 2

Bees Knees Mini 1998 = Too new

Best Friends Mini 2002 = 10

Betty Boop Floribunda 1999 = 15 (probably won’t hold)

Black Jade Mini 1985 = 1

Black Magic HT 1997 = No

Bloomsbury Square FL/HT? 2003* No

Blue Girl HT 1964 = 70

Brandy HT 1982 = 0 (formed but rotted)

Brass Band Floribunda 1993 = 65

Buff Beauty HM 1939 = 2

Captain Thomas Cl HT 1935 = 3

Celebrity HT 1988 = No (too young)

Charmed Life 2003* = ?

Cherish HT 1980 = ?

Chi Chi 2003 Mini* = Not blooming

Color Magic HT 1978 = 2

Dainty Bess HT 1925 = Too young

Deuil de Dr. Reynaud Bourbon 1862 = 40

Diana Princess of Wales = 4

Doris Morgan Mini 2003 = 3

Double Delight HT 1977 = 2 (Yes!)

Durango Shrub* 2003 = 3

Eugene de Beauharnais China 1838 = ?

Figurine Mini 1991 = 50

Francis Dubreuil Tea 1894 = 2

French Lace Fl 1982 = 0

French Perfume HT 1993 = 5

Full Sail HT 1999 = 4

Garden Party HT 1959 = 3

Gene Boerner Floribunda 1968 = 50

George Burns Floribunda 1996 = 6

Giggles Mini 1987 = 50

Golden Celebration SHRUB DA 1992 = 100

Granada HT 1963 = ?

Heart O’ Gold Grandiflora 1997 = 2

Honor HT 1980 = 5

Hot Cocoa Floribunda 2003 = 35

Hot Tamale Mini 1993 = No

House of Stuart Shrub 2003* = ?

Incognito Mini 1995 = 5

Indigo Portland Unknown = 15

Intrigue Floribunda 1982 = No (too young)

Irene Watts China 1896 = 0

Jean Kenneally Mini 1984 = 30

John Hopper HP 1862 = No

Jude the Obscure SHRUB 1995 = ?

Just Joey HT 1972 = 2

Kiss of Honey 2003* = ?

Lady Hillingdon Tea 1910 = No

Leibeszauber HT 1990 = No

Linville Mini 1989 = No

Little Lil (Hybrid Musk) 2003* = 11

Louise Estes HT 1991 = 7

Louise Odier Bourbon 1851 = 70

Love Me Tender HT 2002 = 20

Love and Peace HT 2002 = 0

Lovely Linda Cl JS 2003* = 2

Lover’s Lane Hybrid Tea 2002 = 3

Loving Touch Mini 1983 = 20

Lynn Anderson HT 1993 = 5

Marchessa Boccella H. Perpetual 1842 = 8

Marilyn Monroe HT 2002 = 1?

Mary Magdalene SHRUB DA 1999 = 8

Memorial Day HT 2004 = No

Mme. Hardy Damask 1832 = No

Mme. Isaac Periere Bourbon 1889 = 15

Miami Moon Fl 2000 = 5

Miss Flippins Mini 1997 = No

Moonstone HT 1998 = No

Nancy Jean Mini 2004 = 2

Neptune HT 2004 = 2

Octoberfest GF 1998 = No

Oklahoma HT 1964 = 1

Patchwork HT = Sets hips, but don’t hold on

Paul Neyron H. Perpetual 1869 = No

Peace HT 1945 = 1

Perfect Moment HT 1991 = No

Perle d’Or Polyantha 1884 = 2

Prospero SHRUB DA 1982 = No

Queen Elizabeth GF 1954 = 40

Red Gold Floribunda 1971 = 2

Red/White Striped Mystery = 100

Reine des Violettes H. Perpetual 1860 = ?

Rina Hugo HT 1993 = Too new

Rosa Californica Species = Too new

Rosa Spithamea Species = Too new

Rosa Rugosa Rubra Species = Too new

Route 66 SHRUB = 60

Royal Highness = ?

Sally Holmes SHRUB 1976 - Too new

Scarlet Knight HT 1966 = 8

Signature HT 1996 = No

Singin’ in the Rain Floribunda 1994 = 2

Sonia HT 1974 = 9

Sorbet Bouquet Floribunda 2000 = 35

Soroptomist International Mini 1995 = No

Souv. de la Malmaison Bourbon 1843 = 2?

Spring Fake HT 1993 = No

St. Patrick HT 1996 = 1

Stainless Steel (4) HT 1991 = 6

Sweet Milo Shrub 2003* = No

Sweet Revenge Mini 1996 = No

Tammy Darlene Mini 2004 = 1

Teasing Georgia SHRUB DA 1998 = 20

The Fairy Polyantha 1932 = No

The McCartney Rose HT 1995 = No

Touch of Class HT 1986 = No

Tournament of Roses GF 1989 = No

Tradescant SHRUB DA 1993 = No

Tropical Sunset HT 1998 = No

Twisted Tillie Shrub 2003* = No

Uncle Joe/Toro HT 1972 = No

Uncle Paul JS 2003* = 1

Whisper HT 2002 = 2

Yolande d’Aragon Portland 1843 = Too new

Zephirine Druhin Bourbon 1868 = 3

Wow, that’s a lot of hips. And I like Madame Isaac Periere a lot. Also, it’s comforting to see that you’ve got 35 hips on “Hot Cocoa”. I’ve just finished about a week of pollination on the one I have (still in the pot). The pollen is from a local native rose, so it’s a long shot; but at least I know now that I’ve got a chance – that “Hot Cocoa” isn’t pod infertile.

And “Blue Girl” has 70! That must have been a sight to see when it was in bloom. And sounds like I’ll be needing to purchase a “seed machine” like that one.

The few hips so far that I’m most excited about are:

“Golden Showers” X R.davidii = 1 looks good (3 other possible)

“Tiffany” X R.davidii = only 1 but still hasn’t dropped off

R.davidii X R.spinosissima = 1 fat hip

found Damask X “Carefree Sunshine” = dozen or two

“Rose de Rescht” X “Carefree Sunshine” = 3 or 4

(“Fragrant Cloud” X R.carolina) X “Carefree Sunshine” = dozen or two

Right now I’m interpollinating various natives: virginiana, carolina and arkansana types.

It is so useful for us to share data like this so others can see what sets hips easily. I’ve had some very nice seedlings from OP hips, so I’m not too upset that I didn’t have time to make many of my planned crosses this year. The bees were incredibly numerous in the garden this year, and although they were all Africanized ‘killer’ Bees, which aren’t supposed to be as efficient as regular honey bees at pollinating, I think they probably did a fine job. We’ll see. I too am really interested to see if the Madam creates nice offspring. If she passes on her scent I’ll be thrilled. McCartney Rose pollen crossed with Loving Touch, my Elephant/Flea cross last year, gave me a beautiful, healthy, intensely fragrant baby.

Not a lot this year… So far, the hips that have taken:

R. foliolosa x Harison’s Yellow

Smooth Angel x Pacific Serenade

Crested Jewel x Constance Spry

Living Easy x Kordesii, Compte de Chambord, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

Geranium Red x Moonspirit

possible R. pulastris x R. foliolosa, and rogosa hybrid.


Sounds like you have been one busy gal! We have 30 or so seedlings from our elephant/flea crosses, but none have a bloom thus far – many have buds so it shouldn’t be long. Really a difference in growth habit (size) so can assume that the different characteristics of size from both parents has kicked in. Of course there are always the “runts” in any cross so will have to wait and see. Have made a few this year, but too early to tell if the cross was good. More later.

John, so far my one seedling from the elephant/flea cross is behaving nicely, although the first bloom was pretty large for the size of the plant. We’ll see how she develops. I’m looking forward to your blooms. Harlekin, which I believe you used as your ‘elephant’ has produced very healthy, vigorous seedlings for me, with strong pink/red edging on the blooms. Leaves have tended to be a bit small though. I’m anxious to seeing your crosses this year. Are you doing more elephant/flea crosses?

Enrique, thanks for your list. I had to look many of them up, since I wasn’t familiar with them. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Living Easy x Compte de Chambord produces.

By the way, I picked up a bunch of the old hybridizer quarterlies at the National Convention in San Diego, and I encourage all of you who have not been members of the RHA for long to get some of them. The cumulative information gained from them is invaluable and I would really like to get all the issues I missed. Is there a special deal for quantity purchases?


No, we have not made any elephant/flea crosses this year yet. Will see how it goes. Harlekin was the seed parent last year and the most seedlings we have is from the cross using My Sunshine as the pollen parent. More later.

Regarding the RHA quarterly newsletter. As I mentioned at the meeting in San Diego, Larry Peterson and David Zlesak are working on a scanning and indexing project to get all 35+ years on CD’s. It’s going slow but look forward to having all that info available soem day soon. Again, more info later. In the meantime you might contact Larry about back issues. Probably pay shipping plus??? from New York. Contact him and see what he has to say.

I also got an intresting cross of Betty Boop x (Queen Elizabeth x 77-361) to take. I over looked them and was so happy to see fat green hips on them.

Enrique, it will be interesting to see if your Betty Boop holds on to her hips. In my experience, she often drops them before maturity. Good luck!

Enrique, did you get germinations/seedlings from your Betty Boop x (QE x 77-361) cross?

Yes, but one seedling survived-- and it appears to be a once bloomer.

It has thorns… Just like both parents.

This year I have a Pacific Serenade x 77-361. Both roses are thornless, but this seedling definetly have thorns-- and it appears that it will be a whole lot thornier then my QE x 77-361.

Although I maybe wrong-- it may have bristles and no true thorns, although it’s all the same disappointment to me. But I’m viewing it having potential of providing thornlessness. My seedling gave OP thornless seedlings this year (although I didn’t keep any… just wanted to see if it could give thornless seedlings)

Recently I’ve crossed the pollen of my seedling on Basye’s Blueberry and Kim’s Lynnie.

Thanks, Enrique. So odd that it’s a once-bloomer given the floriferousness of BB & QE. Is 77-361 a once-bloomer?

77-361 is pratically a once bloomer. If it is allowed to set hips, it won’t bloom again.

My seedling is pretty much a once bloomer.

The reason why I haven’t raised a repeat blooming seedling of 77-361 and its seedling is because I don’t have room to raise enough seedlings to select a once bloomer.

It’s a little bit more disappointing when I don’t get a thornless seedling. But when I buy that house with the huge backyard-- someday…someday…

Enrique, have you tried Geoff Hamilton? It is basically thornless. It is an English rose bred from Heritage so Im guessing the thornelessness comes from Iceberg. I mention it because it is compact (acts like a floribunda), fragrant, has good repeat and good vigor. It is actually one of the few English roses I do like (no disease, blooms properly and isnt massive in size).