Hips on Belinda's Dream?

I believe that I’ve read here and elsewhere that Belinda’s Dream is infertile. I have two mature bushes of Belinda’s Dream, and I’ve never seen them set an OP hip. They’ve also never set hips from any of the pollen I’ve tried on them. However, every time I visit the Antique Rose Emporium website, I notice that they list Belinda’s Dream as one of the roses they recommend for hips. Does anyone have a Belinda’s Dream that sets hips? I’ve never tried its pollen. I think my plants came from the Uncommon Rose.


Link: www.antiqueroseemporium.com/attractivehips.html

I’m sure it is a misprint. If it ever were to have some hips there would probably not be any seeds inside and they would abort early.


Hi Mark,

I would be very surprised like Patrick. I was just in Dallas and Tyler Texas visiting EarthKind planting sites and saw several relatively mature plants of it across several sites and no hips. I was consciously looking at hip production on plants in the trials too.



Ive never understood the fascination for Belinda’s Dream. Here, it got mildew and blackspot, was floppy in growth and balled badly in the rain (which made it stink).

No mildew here. It blooms well in the high 90’s, flush after flush. I understand the attraction. The slightest bit of shade does make is floppy, and the balling is terrible in a wet spring. The next 5 flushes in a season make up for it.