Here's a website I haven't seen

I’m taking a few moments break from studying. I did not realize how tired I am and ran a few laps on the track to work in the circulation. After that I read a few posts, and about to return studying. I was searching with keywords “Mermaid” “tetraploid” and stumbled upon a webpage I haven’t seen before. It is very intresting because it talks about breeding in tropical conditions (Indian, as it appears) and looks rather nice. The Indian gentleman even had an intresting rose that rooted in water. Thought I ought to pass it around. Okay, break’s over. Bye.


Thanks Enrique. He’s a member of the RHA and he’s in Bangladesh.

I found some very good info on this site too.


Shoaib, whose site this is, is completing his Ph.D. in Australia currently – he emailed me he is interested in working with R. clinophylla, the only truly tropical rose species, which is something Viru Viraraghavan has been at work on in India for a number of years, as well.

Does anyone know where to even look for a source of R. clinophylla, or one of its hybrids (if there are any), in the U.S.? (If I come across one, I will post it here for anyone interested in warm-weather rose hybridizing.)

His work is really neat. It’s interesting to see some roses that were passed over here in the US used to awesome progress (Bon Bon for example).