Here is another rose I need help with

I posted pictures of this rose to get some help identifying it.
It was sold to me as" Magnifica" which is a Rugosa developed by Dr. W. Van Fleet.
As you can see this rose is not very Rugose.
2014-06-10 15.37.16.jpg
2014-06-10 15.34.58.jpg

Hunter? 'Hunter' Rose

I grew Magnifica years ago. The bloom looks correct, but the foliage, not so much. But I may have been sold a mislabeled plant.

There are three different Magnificas in commerce. Besides the Rugosa there is a Hybrid Rubiginosa and a Hybrid Tea. Your rose is isn’t the Rugosa nor the Hybrid Rubiginosa. The leaves look like it could be the Hybrid Tea and the color of the bloom is correct. Do you think it could be the Hybrid Tea?

How purple are the older flowers? I am suspicious that it is Cuthbert Grant. Have not grown it for 15 yrs so I am unsure of the leaf shape, but the flower seems bang on.

Hi Everyone,
I didnt think this was going to be a stumper.
I’ve had this rose since the early Nineties, it has some winter hardiness and persistence since its still with me
when many others have come and gone.
The flowers are a deep velvety red with charcoal grayish- black marks on the outer petals.
The leaves are waxy and shaped like a hybrid tea rose and a stem with few thorns.
Please pay special attention to the flask shaped hip.