Henry Martin moss rose

There is a moss rose labeled ‘Henry Martin’ at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I cannot find it in Modern Roses. Is there some synonym out it is listed under?



“Red Moss”

It’s usually spelled Henri Martin - it certainly seems like a rose that ought to be in MR, at least it’s fairly common.

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Henri Martin does produce seed. I tried this year to pollinate it with Champlain, but it did not take.

‘HENRI MARTIN’, M, mr; (Red Moss); bud sparsely mossed; flowers shining crimson, blooms in clusters of 3-8, semi-dbl.;Laffay,M., 1862 (Modern Roses XI, pg 222)

Mark Disero, Brantford Ontario, Canada

Thank you Mark and everyone. Wow, my problem was just Henry versus Henri.

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