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Is HelpMeFind down for maintenance today?

This page isn’t is currently unable to handle this request.

I only receive a completely blank screen. I hope you emailed The Help Desk about it ( I did just now, just in case. Hopefully, whatever it is, will be rectified quickly.

OK, the word is, it is down for maintenance. Nothing is wrong. The site will return after all the planned fixes and enhancements are accomplished.

It’s back and look what they did for us! You can now use advanced search to find whether a rose has been used as seed or pollen parent and for specific ploidies, for those whose ploidy is listed!
Screenshot (241).png
Fun stuff!

Brilliant mod!!! Nice guide to put into pot.

Oh that’s wonderful!!
This is a great improvement to the advanced search.
Thanks for sharing the news about this update!

It appears to require some fine tuning. I tried a cross combination and the results were everything from mating those two parents, no matter which direction the cross was made. The search criteria specified which had been used in each position, so it does require “tuning”. I’ve emailed the Help Desk to let them know.

I use the descendant by generation tab when I am planning my crosses. This year I am using SugarBooger as my workhorse for both pollen and seed. I have used it in 43 of 135 crosses made this year. One of it’s parents is Honey Perfume, imagine my surprise when I looked it up and found that I am the only hybridizer shown to have created roses using Honey Perfume.

Joan Richardson
Zone 8

Yes ma’am, isn’t that surprising? Sometimes a rose which appears so remarkable, goes unnoticed by others. I used to use Honey Perfume in clients’ gardens all the time in the Santa Clarita Valley because it was SUCH a great landscape plant. Then, it disappeared, replaced by its sibling, Honey Bouquet. Personally, I liked Perfume better.

My local rose park redid the entire park due to road construction. They removed all of the roses and I guess had TVRS members take care of them for 2 years. They re-planted the park this spring. To my surprise, they removed ALL of the Ping Lim roses. You know… roses bred just an hour away. But they kept the Amber Queen roses that have been there since the mid-1990s. They have always looked dead and defoliated. The above reminded me because either HB or HP was a big improvement in health. They even went out of their way to buy Chrysler Imperial as new plants for the garden. WHY? Holy moly lol. 5 minutes away from the home base of Intel, so trust me when I say revenue isn’t the issue here. And they had some of the rare Lim roses there too. The kind that one never saw in catalogs but were actually quite good.

@pacificjade typical.