Help...What does rose see look like

I need some clarification … as I split open the hip, the rose seeds inside are in big hard shells (a little bigger than a mustard seed) and when I open those, there is another seed inside that similar to a tomato’s seed.

Question: Am I supposed to open the hard shelled one and plant the flat tomato-like seed it yields? Or do I just plant the entire hard shelled mustard-type seeds out of the hip?

Also, am I late in doing this? I live in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks in advance.


Generally, you just plant the hard-shelled seed. However, if you can remove the testa-covered embryo from the outer seed coat without damaging it–and then keep it from rotting or mildewing–you can get much higher germination. Most people I know of plant the hard outer shells.

I would still go ahead and plant the seeds. It is getting a little late–many people shell and start stratifying in the fall–but I just finished cleaning mine a few days ago. (I was running later than normal this year.)