Help, my seedlings have out grown their indoor habitat

Hi, please help. I finally got my babies to grow without losing them to damping off and they are really making me proud.

Two of my seedlings that sprouted May 13 have out grown my growing setup in my garage and are literally growing into the light. So, when is it safe to start moving them outdoors? I don’t want to lose them yet as they are healthy little plants that are showing lots of vigor.

Thank you in advance for your help.


It is quite safe to move them outside now – just be careful to harden them off gradually, and especially keep them well watered (July sun is a big shock after a cool basement under lights.) I generally move my seedlings outdoors soon after that last frost date – the cooler weather of spring is easier on their baby root systems. I don’t know where you are, but if you have summers on the hot side, you might consider waiting until things cool off in the fall. Or, if they really can’t fit indoors any longer, you might consider putting them in large pots in a slightly shaded area until the dog days of summer have passed. Whatever move you make, the key is to let them gradually get used to the new enviroment by putting them outside for gradually increasing periods of time rather than giving them a big sudden shock.

Best of luck!


Joseph, Thank you for answering me so quickly.

I am in Orange County, CA. Its been hot and humid here. I have a misting system set up, maybe placing them near to but not under the mister would be a good idea, or I can put them on my covered patio so they get morning sun only.