Helmefind and breeders on this forum

I guess this is mainly for folks that are new to this forum as I am.

I joined the RHA and started reading this forum a couple of months ago. It’s great. If you want to see the caliber of folks that contribute here, do a breeder search in Helpmefind.com. The regular contributors actually know what they are talking about and put it in practice and then register their roses. There are sooooooo many other forums where people speak like experts but in reality don’t have a clue. I for one greatly appreciate those of you that have shared your experience here as well as on your web pages.

Hello Jeff, and welcome to the group. As you have undoubtedly already found, we all share a great deal of valuable information with each other and are always enthusiastic about exchanging ideas. I don’t know of many forums where the participants are as open and sharing as these folks are. I am often very grateful for the opportunity to share ideas and discuss experiences with everyone, regardless of their skill level. We all have something to gain from one another.

So, tell us a bit about your experiences so far, and what you are excited about doing with your rose breeding this coming season?


Paul Barden

Welcome, Jeff!


I retired about two years ago. Fortunately I worked for the State of California in law enforcement. They encourage earlier retirement for those in that field so I went for it. About ten years ago I got this idea that I would like to start a small nursery, more of a hobby than anything else. I got fairly good at propagation of shrubs, trees and the like. Circumstances led us to Oregon and I got the itch to start a nursery again. I got thinking about roses and some that I had grown from seed. I started doing some on-line searches and research, found this forum and got hooked. My wife and I both love roses and bought about 50 varieties last fall. I figure I have a fair amount of seed/pollen parents now. After reading through much of this forum I bought some older varieties.

My goals at this point are to first learn about the variety of roses out there. I’m still working on how identify Teas, Hybrid Teas, Gallica, Bourbons, Damask and more. I would love to breed a yellow, disease resistant, remonant, compact moss shrub. How’s that for a rookie goal? I also like minis and will dabble in that as well.

Reading though the information here makes my brain hurt at times, but hopefully over time this information will begin to sink in.

Right now I’m just waiting for Spring and blooms so I can get started.


I am new to hybridizing roses too. Been doing it for about two years. I agree with your findings. The people on this forum are extremely helpful and I have been really surprised by how much they share and are willing to help. Another thing that you might want to do is order the disk that has all of the old articles from the newsletter. It is full of information almost too much to digest and I am only halfway through it. I can’t wait till the day I feel comfortable enough to write something myself for the newsletter. Good luck with your roses and your business Jeff.

Hi Jeff,

Breeding a decent yellow Modern Moss shrub isn’t going to be too difficult, I think, at least until you get to the disease resistance part of the equation. I’ve done some work in this area myself, and would recommend ‘Condoleezza’ as a seed parent for this goal. I have one bright yellow seedling so far that has potential and happens to be seed fertile as well. Take a look at the HMF listing below.


Link: www.helpmefind.com/plant/l.php?l=2.59974.0&tab=1

That’s a beauty Paul. I’ll bet Mr. Moore will be pleased.

I just joined RHA, too. I’m glad that I’m not the only one whose head is spinning with trying to read and understand all of the information. I’m glad that so many wonderful breeders are willing to share what they know.

I’m glad to see there are others that are realatively new and find this hobby facinating.


That is one great looking rose!

Jeff, what part of CA are you from? Thanks, Robert


North of Salinas in Prunedale and a couple miles east of Monterey Bay. When I first saw the name 25 years ago I couldn’t believe a town was actually named after a prune. After being in Oregon for over a year now, I can honestly say I feel like I escaped from some ugly fate.

I <3 Oregon :slight_smile:

I’d say your exodus from Prunedale could have been better timed Jeff. Btw, my eldest Son just graduated top of his class from a law enforcement training program offered here at our local JC. You know about the hiring freezes in CA. His timing could have been better but we’re trying to remain positive.

I’ve got to take some time to visit OR. Growing up in CA it’s a miracle I’ve never been there. If the Mites in my roses get any worse down here I might have to make a run for the border.


Tell your son congratulations. Being a cop can be very rewarding and heartbreaking all at the same time. The nice thing about plants is that when you get a real ugly and useless plant you can just spray it with Roundup.