My name is Hayne and I stumbled upon this sight by accident while looking for rose seeds and am I ever so please to find you guys. I live in North Carolina, just east of Charlotte and I

Welcome, Hayne, and Happy New Year to you.

Often, members of this group offer “open pollinated” seed from their garden; seed from roses that were pollinated by natural forces, and so they are either self-pollinated or the pollen parent is an unknown. These seeds are good to practice your germination technique on, and your raising technique as well. You may not get any stellar seedlings by growing these, but you will certainly get an occasional nice rose worth growing for your personal interest.

Now, do you have specific classes of roses you want seeds from? You mention an interest in climbing types in your post. Are there others you want? If you can give some more details, perhaps some of us might have some collected seeds we might be willing to share with you.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the welcome Paul"

I have a wide verity of interest but Antiques and climbing on self root top my list - I like all roses but I haven’t spent anytime with groundcover roses or shrub types yet.

I don’t have all that many and most of what I have are hybrid tea roses that I purchased at the local farm and garden store. Over the next few years I really want to build some numbers so that I have some stock to work with so that I can start rooting and breeding my own so I’m not very picky about types :slight_smile:

Your climate will allow you to grow a large fraction of all that are available. Winter cold limits many of us. But disease resistance may be your biggest challenge. If you don’t have it yet, get New Dawn to start with as a self-rooted, hardy disease-resistant climber. Visit some botanical or rose gardens in your area and learn what can handle the climate.

Earlier I offered some O.P. Country Dancer seeds. I still have some. E-mail me directly if you want a hundred to play with.

Hello Larry"

I tried the link to email you direct but it didn’t work?

My email addy is hch1111@juno.com

and I would love to have the seeds!

We do have good winter weather here in the south east, our winters are mild most years but in wet years we have a lot of black spots issues.



Thank you so much, the seeds arrived today in perfect condition - I really appreciate your generosity


I probably have some surplus seed from the Agriculture Canada breeding stock variety L83 (see link below) you can have if you want. L83 is used to impart superior Winter hardiness and often passes on excellent disease resistance. (To Blackspot specifically)

Paul B.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.44090

Thank you Paul, I would enjoy growing them. I would consider them a great addition to my breeding stock. Please drop me an email hch1111@juno.com and I’ll forward my mailing address to you - thanks again!