Heirloom roses at Costco

Costco’s promotional magazine this month has a short note about Heirloom Roses being their supplier for roses. What’s not clear is whether those sold in-store come from Heirloom or just the ones being offered online.


I bought a batch in the store about a month ago and they looked to be the big box type from the usual Texas growers but they are in the ground and the packaging is long gone so I can’t tell.

At any rate the online offer seems a bargain especially given that they come from VID stock.


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My first impression is that Heirloom is not large enough to supply a huge nationwide retailer like Costco all on it’s own, but I could be wrong.

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If you notice, there is a limited selection of varieties in each of their three collections, so they know what to produce and should easily be able to keep up with some of the demand. It isn’t as if they are making all thousands of varieties they may have access to available through Costco. Besides, with those prices and the potential for sales, they will probably make it. The body bag stuff in the warehouses are likely from Certified. Our local Costco had Miracle on the Hudson and Coral Miracle, both by Robert Rippetoe, paired with either Europeana or Scarlet Knight. All the grocery stores and 99 Cents and Dollar stores locally had Certified body bags with many of Robert’s varieties. I picked up a Coral and Pink Miracle from Grocery Outlet which were actually freshly received.

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