Have species roses.

I’m getting ready to send a few seeds and a plant to people. (David’s Abe Darby seedling, and Patrick’s Lady Penzance seeds.) I’ve noticed R. foliolsa and a possible R. palustris are starting to get out of bounds.

So I thought people may enjoy growing a plant of them.

R. foliolosa is a near thornless species I recieved from ForrestFarm.

The possible R. palustris came from a trade long time ago. I remember recieving it as palustris, then thinking it was carlina or virginia-- then I’m back to palustris. I’m pretty sure it’s palustris. (Click on the link to hear ts story.) The plant isn’t very invasive, and makes an especially beautiful thicket. But it’s been years since I’ve paid attention to it, and it got out of bounds slightly. (Anyone can verify?) I’m growing a thornless seedling of it with Baby Love as a parent. (VERY odd because both are thorny)

To cut on shipping and handling costs, will cut it down the top very short, and leave the roots intact as possible.

Email me. I want to send everything out at the same time. I hate waiting at the post office. Thank you very much… Enrique

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pics.php?itemId=P5441&qs=15405