Have Ross Rambler seedlings and others

I normally remove my seeds from the fridge for the summer, but this year I forgot. Was cleaning out the fridge and found lots of germinations. By the time they get going it will be too late to plant out this fall and there is no way I’m going to be able to keep these alive over the winter in the house. Would anyone with a greenhouse or a warmer climate be interested in raising them? I’d prefer people with experience since I’d like to get cuttings back of any interesting seedlings.

All seeds are from OP hips I collected. Some of the other roses I collected seed from include a seedling of Topaz Jewel, diploid and tetraploid rugosas, and various species hybrids. Not sure if these are the ones with germinating seedlings though. I

You may want to still plant them out and put clear plastic gallon milk bottles over them for the winter.

Thanks Henry. Have you tried this? If you did, did you leave the lids on or off? I wondered if something like this might work since this is a hardy rose, but I was afraid the tender new growth would freeze too readily.


I leave the lid off. I cannot tell you what the success ratio has been, but I feel that it definitely has helped.

I am still planting seedlings out now. I am spraying them with giberellic acid in an attempt to get them to grow as much as possible before the end of fall.

This season I have planted each seedling in a ring made of fiberglass gutter screening. In the late fall I am planning on filling the “screening circle” with perlite.


Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/folksinger_x_dortman.htm