Have rooted Livin' Easy X Robusta seedling

I have a rooted Livin’ Easy X Robusta seedling which may interest to anyone who wants to work with it. It’s very easy to root. It’s only been 3 weeks to root, but I’ve already seen some roots right now.

I won’t be able to send it now (some days are incredibly hot) but I say… around next month ought to be good when weather in California will be safe enough to send out. I have stuff to send out that I couldn’t send last year… so this will be a good time.

I haven’t been able to hybridize with it because it’s in a area of a garden where the sprinklers will ruin the cross. But it sets many open pollinated hips.

I do, however, wish to make a cross of it with Rugelda… one day.

Now-- how does the seedling look? Well, it’s starts out a cherry red, but it becomes a shade of rugosa mauve as it ages. It is a semi-double. (Just imagine “Dapple Dawn” with more petals and a globular shape.) It has a strong clove scent. (Robusta, to me, doesn’t have it.) The foilage does not look anything like a rugosa.

It seems to me to me that it has the same health like Livin Easy. It’s foilage gets wet everyday because of the sprinklers.

If you’re interested, either email me or reply… people who I owe a favor, gets first dibs.

Offer still up for anyone who wants it. Otherwise, I will plant it in the garden for a little while and try to give it to someone else in the future.