Have open pollinated r. foliolosa seeds

I have plenty of R. foliolosa seeds. I don’t think I won’t use all of them in my experiment. I’m sure many of them are selves…

A lot of them already germinated–

They’re stratisfied, and ready to go.

I would like to try some if you still have extra.

Thank you

If I can offer pollen or anything please let me know

Andrew Grover

9034 1st st n

St.Pete Fl.33702

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?i=G2927&tab=3&lstTyp=256

Sure thing.

I need to buy stamps first-- just let things cool off. It’s warming up, and I feel to sleepy to walk in the sun…

Plenty of seeds have been set out…

I still have some more if folks are still interested…