Has anyone worked with Fimbriata?

I was looking at some Rugosas to start working with and have already decided to get Therese Bugnet, and Roseraie de l’H

Do a search on this forum and it will most likely answer your question. There is quite a bit of discussion on Fimbriata. Good luck.


Silly me…I should have thought of that. Thanks Patrick. A search did immediately pull up some very interesting information and somewhat disillusioning (LOL) information. I was not aware that rebloom was so infrequent for Fimbriata. Add the poor chances of using it as a either a seed or pollen parent and I doubt I will be adding it to the garden.

Moore seems to have his favorites for breeding. You could try those. Personally, I like Rosa rugosa alba because it is beautiful and easy to work with. Also, Im sure Henry has a list of rugosas he has noted as beneficial in breeding.

I suggest Will Alderman, Delicata, Martin Frobisher, Hansa, Bonavista, and of course Therese Bugnet.

I often have open pollinated seeds of the above and of first generation crosses of them available for free distribution

Jadae, I haven’t really looked at Rosa rugosa alba, and I don’t believe I have every seen in it person before. I’ll have to check it out. You probably already know, but I haven’t really grown Rugosas much before. But, before we moved I fell absolutely in love with the Roseraie de l’H

‘Rugosa Magnifica’ is a rugosa that Moore has used. It is one of the more compact, manageable rugosas. It is very similar to Roseraie de l’H

Jadae, your description of Rosa rugosa alba sounds delightful. I had a fondness for the sheer feel of the blooms on Mme. Pierre Oger (certainly not single, but the petals had a sheer feel and appearance to them at times). Also good call on the Rugosa Magnifica…certainly does have a similar look to Roseraie with fewer petals. It appears to also have a strong scent…which is a big factor of why I loved Roseraie…that and the amount of rebloom I was getting out of it.

I too am looking at adding a couple Rugosas to my garden this coming spring. I’ve looked into Charles Albenel and Fru Dagmar Hastrup as they have been hardy and disease free at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I’m also looking into the Pavement series as they have been completely hardy in Minnesota. But I don’t know how healthy they are. Rugosa Magnifica is a strong candidate also.

I purchased a Theresa Bugnet this past year because it has a lot of attributes I’m looking for. So far it has underwelmed me as it was covered in mildew and black spot. The University of Minnesota does not recommend it for a low maintenance garden.