Has anyone tried this to increase rose seed germination?



Link: plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/pubs/nmpmcsy03904.pdf

I can see where percussion scarification would be a good survival stratagy for the locust trees. Where the seeds would get knocked around in a stream bed after a heavey rain. So the seed wouldn’t geminate until there was plenty of water for their survival. It would be interesting to see if this scarification will help roses germinate, which have not relied on this stratagy.

I think I will experiment with it this winter, as I haven’t had very high germination rates in the past.

Based on the data, the greatest increases in germination were at 1 minute and again at 2 minutes of shaking. After that there weren’t significant increases. So at 350 oscillations per minute, 350 to 700 oscillations produced the greatest returns.

As rose seeds probably don’t have as hard or thick of seed coats, they should require less oscillations to produce an increase in germination.