Has anybody used Wing-Ding or DayDream

I was wondering if anyone has used Wing-Ding or DayDream. And what type of results they got.

I have tried to use Daydream in crosses and tried raising op seed of Daydream and it wasn’t very successful in terms of obtaining many offspring. For part of my Ph.D. I looked at Daydream and its parents Lavender Dream and Henry Kelsey using AFLP DNA markers. I was struggling with getting AFLPs to work on the lilies for my primary research. I thought it would be interesting to use them on roses and learned my technique was working just fine and the lily genome is just so large it complicates the process. Anyways, I used to have a Lavender Dream in the yard. When Daydream came out I thought, wow, this looks just like LD and there is no sign of HK in this. You know, I was right. HK is not the dad. It is most likely an apomictic seedling of LD via diplospory. There was 94% of the same markers between DD and LD. Most likely a 2n egg formed and with a little crossing over during meiosis just a small part of the genome became more homozygous losing just a little allelic diversity. DD had a handful of markers missing compared to LD.