Harvested hips - some interesting crosses for me

I have hips from a lot of crosses and wanted to share some of those that I think are more interesting matches.

Mango Salsa x Ann Endt (diploid cross)
Oso Easy Pleasy x Ruglauca (diploid cross)
Oso Easy Pleasy x R. alabukensis (diploid cross)
Oso Happy Smoothie x Ann Endt (diploid cross)
Nyveldt’s White x Therese Bugnet (diploid cross)
Nyveldt’s White x Mango Salsa (diploid cross)
(PLTXSL x (All A Twitter x 11Z29)) X Miracle on the Hudson —PLTXSL is Playtime x Softlegs
Ruglauca x Miracle on the Hudson
Gaye Hammond x Miracle on the Hudson
Gaye Hammond x Frontenac
Gaye Hammond x Canadian Shield
Prairie Joy x Prairie Snowdrift
(11Z29 x OP) x Canadian Shield
Petit Pink x Frontenac
Petit Pink x Never Alone
(11Z29 x OP) x (Never Alone x Campfire)
(Never Alone x Campfire) x Frontenac
Sunrosa x Chinook Sunrise
Never Alone x Cape Diamond
Rugelda x Never Alone
(GOBXJO) x Cape Diamond —GOBXJO is Goldbusch x Joycie
(GOBXJO) x Prairie Joy
(GOBXJO x Frontenac
Never Alone x Commander Gillette
(Morning Magic x Strawberry Cream) x Campfire
(Morning Magic x Strawberry Cream) x Cape Diamond
(Out of the Blue x 11Z29) X Prairie Snowdrift
(Never Alone x (Royal Edward x unk)) x Cape Diamond
All the Rage x Morning Magic
All The Rage x Never Alone
(Rainbow Knock Out x OP) x (Pink Double Knock Out x Prairie Peace)
(PLTXSL x (All a Twitter x 11Z29)) x R. arkansana Peppermint
Swamy x Never Alone
Swamy x Prairie Celebration
Swamy x Canadian Shield
Swamy x Cape Diamond
Neon Red x Cape Diamond
Quadra x Frontenac
Quadra x ((Morning Magic x ILC-1-72-1) x Never Alone)
Quadra x Prairie Snowdrift
Louise Estes x Frontenac
Lemon Fizz x Frontenac
(All a Twitter x 11Z29) x (Pink Double Knock Out x Prairie Peace)
Prairie Snowdrift x Cape Diamond
Prairie Snowdrift x (Never Alone x Campfire)
(Never Alone x (Take it Easy x Strawberry Cream)) x Prairie Snowdrift
Italian Ice x Campfire
Morning Magic x Cherry Frost
(Never Alone x WGAL) x Frontenac
13-1RDS x Prairie Snowdrift—13-1RDS is (13-1 x (Red Dawn x Suzanne))
(All a Twitter x 11Z29) x Prairie Joy
(All a Twitter x 11Z29) x Prairie Snowdrift
((Cal Poly x Strawberry Cream) x Peach Drift) x (R. rugosa x R. xanthina)
(Ramblin Red x Never Alone) x Prairie Peace
Canadian Shield x (Never Alone x Campfire)
Prairie Snowdrift x Frontenac
CARXLEB x (Morden Centennial x Hazeldean)—CARXLEB is Carlin’s Rhythm × Letizia Bianca
Never Alone x (Prairie Joy x Cherry Frost)—pollen parent code name is 1027
Frontenac x Prairie Snowdrift
Cape Diamond x Campfire
Thrive x Hot Paprika
Royal Edward x (Cläre Grammerstorf x Prairie Peace)
Royal Edward x Commander Gillette
Royal Edward x Frontenac
Royal Edward x Miracle on the Hudson
Royal Edward x Never Alone
Royal Edward x Canadian Shield
Royal Edward x Prairie Snowdrift
(MMILC3 x GOBXJO) x Never Alone - actual cross is ((Morning Magic x ILC-1-72-1) x (Goldbusch x Joycie)) x Never Alone

What amazing diversity. I lost my plant of Thrive in an violent transplant incident:) - nobody seems to be selling it. Do you know where to find it again? Star Roses has limited retail representation here locally. Stephen

I did a mail order from a Green Promise Farms in Lebanon, CT back in July of 2017. It doesn’t appear they are carrying Thrive. Sorry.

Rob, I think you have a problem, lol.

says the guy with cardboard boxes full of ziploc bags with rose hips in them…

Yes Joe. I need a twelve step program. Lol

There is a lot of diversity there. Many of those sounds really interesting to me. Looking forward to hearing what you get from them!

Thank you Duane!