Harrison's Yellow

I got pollen from it. It was very easy to recognize… anyways, it’s not a lot. Just got two flowers, but I did pollinations on whatever rose that was in bloom… which was Livin’ Easy and R. foliolosa. I’m very intrested in the R. foliolosa x Harrison’s Yellow cross most. It seems that people have crossed Harrison’s Yellow with rugosas and scotch roses, but not with other rose species. Too bad my possible virginia or carolina isn’t ready… It blooms very late.


Good point about ‘Harison’s Yellow’ (or the similar but hardier ‘Hazeldean’) not being used with other rose species. Another good species to use would be Rosa arkansana. However, for toughness and possibly more disease resistance I would seriously look at Asian/Eurpean species like Rosa laxa, R. beggeriana and Rosa fedtschenkoana. But then again, the progeny wouldn’t have a great variation in colour - only white and yellow.

If anyone wants pollen of ‘Harison’s Yellow’, ‘Hazeldean’ or ‘Prairie Peace’ (‘Beauty of Leafland’ x ‘Hazeldean’), let me know. Available about the third week in June.


I wouldn’t mind using Hazeldean… is there anything you would like in exchange? I have R. foliolosa right now. It is FULL of pollen per flower… rather bothersome to pollinate as the female, but appears to be very easy as the male. I don’t have many diploid roses that is ready other then The Fairy. The Pearl is finished, and Tom Thumb looks like it has taken all pollinations possible.

I also have special pollen, email me ASAP so I can send it ASAP.

I have Williams Double yellow, a new plant this year. Any comment on this one?

Just a general question. How blackspot resistant is Harrison’s Yellow?

‘Harison’s Yellow’ is resistant to blackspot in the northern Great Plains region. I’ve never seen any problems. It’s certainly more resistant than ‘Persian Yellow’.

Jadae-- Harrison’s Yellow seems to be immune…

Anyways, the foliolosa x Harrison’s Yellow are ripe… Since this is my first year to actually get hips from foliolosa, should I harvest now, or wait till September? It is so early…

If they’re ripe, I’d harvest them. Many species ripen faster than typical modern hybrids. I’ve already harvested hips from R. arkansana, R. nutkana, and R. spithamea.

For me Harrison’s Yellow is almost as susceptible to blackspot as is Persian Yellow. Since there are various strains of blackspot, perhaps where people are observing resistance, not all the strains of blackspot are present. Then also, there is the factor of differences in climate that may result in a difference.

For something similar with good blackspot resistance I would choose Williams Double Yellow or Hazeldean.

Thanks again for more info. That was what I was afraid of. Henry gave me some seeds from his Rosa acicularis x R-15 cross and they germinated. A wee bit of mildew on the faster growing ones but healthy otherwise. Im thinking of crossing them Rabble Rouser in 2 years or so since Hazeldean is in them.