There are some old forum references to Harlekin, including one on an old topic about climbers, saying that it sets seed readily, but no follow-up telling what the typical offspring were like (color, growth habit, petal count, remontancy, disease resistance, etc) or if any were desirable. I am very interested as my daughter and I have new rose gardens as of this year and it performs well for both of us and is to first to set seed for either of us – OP hips as our bushes were too new to make crosses of our own.

I would welcome observations as, based on what we have seen so far, it may be a great rose for two nubies like us and we might order more when the weather gets cooler – we are latching on to all the “easy ladies” because the first year we want something, anything to come up and we’ll wait till the folowing year to get picky. Harlekin appears to be even more fertile than the notorious Joycie as we have lots of Joycies but no OP hips while we each have hips on our Harlekin. Thanks

Bob in New Orleans