Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving aka Turkey day to you all. Hope you have a good one.

Thanks, Adam, and a very happy, fulfilling day to all, whether it’s in celebration of our National Holiday or just a day full of thanks wherever you are. Kim

Happy Thanksgiving to all the members that celebrate it. I feel sorry for the turkey population. Does everyone have turkey or is that a mith. I like the story about the President giving one the ‘Presidential Pardon’, have a great day. Regards from David in Oz.

Personal preference, David. For many years when I was a kid, we’d usually have ham because turkey wasn’t as much of a favorite. I love turkey breast, but not by the “ton”. Yup, we have one today, actually for the past two days and still enough to feed the Seventh Fleet in the fridge. I’m not complaining, but it does get to be more than a bit much! LOL! Kim

It’s not a myth!Almost everyone-but I did make some vegetarian side dishes. And for after dinner exercise, I dug a few holes a few days ago where I want some help with some rose transplants-no football until that’s done.

Good for you Jackie! I spread mine over two days, but finally put fifteen of the Italian Cypress out on the hill. Only two dozen left to plant. Perhaps a few today, if it doesn’t rain. Kim

I am the only meat eater around these parts so a whole turkey is a little much for one person. So I usually cook up a steak.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Turkey for us - will work it off tommoro mulching roses! None of this Black Friday shopping for me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am working today, but am very thankful for my job. We will celebrate as a family tomorrow - and yes with a poor but tasty turkey! (turkey today too with a massive potluck at work)

Jim Sproul

A day late… but Happy Thanksgiving to you all too!

Here’s ‘Home Run’ still kicking this morning after the feasting.

We’ve been trudging away at the too-large turkey for three days now. Everything was prepared early to make things easier, so we started. I USED to actually like turkey breast. Today, an old friend is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for his “assembled family” and we’re having…turkey! hooray

That photo of Home Run looks very much like this seedling of mine…Kim

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.65980.0

I’m with you Kim, I like breasts, chicken or turkey. Always have some charactures show up here and now have Skype on my computer. Free is great to talk to and see them whether in Virginia or Korea when unable to get together. Like a Dick Tracy watch only bigger. Best wishes all. Neil

I LOVE Skype! It’s what Ma Bell promised dozens of years ago and it’s FREE, making it even better! Kim

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I had house guests and couldn’t get on line much. Busy, busy!

My Home Run is still in bloom here! I’ve never had roses blooming for Thanksgiving before so it’s a real treat. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one since it was touted as the “new and improved” Knock Out (which I’m very ambivalent about) but I really do like Home Run better. For me it’s been cleaner and bloomed more than my KO. And I think it’s single blooms are more attractive too!