Hansen pollen list

Ok…so I have some things copied from Hansen’s papers at the university’s museum.

One is a list of roses from Peter Lambert in Germany (aprox. 900 roses) w/ no date on it (however, the woman at the museum thought the paper/copied was perhaps from the 30s) so I don’t know if that is a list he would have used in his own breeding program or plants for the proposed state rose garden (makes me think that–the year before the state rose garden was actually started they planted 900 roses on land donated by a private person) Very nice list of roses though.

The second thing is a copy of a field notebook w/ pollen 1941 on the front cover. The first few pages are names of roses w/ dates written behind them. There does seem to be a few peonies listed in there as well. Then after a few pages of scribbles w/ multiple dates(Jan-May) listed it is much more organized. First they’re in numerical order w/ the variety named after that and then the date. Roses are listed more than once and it goes through the end of the year. My question is, how do you guys keep track of your crosses? Would this be just a list of the dates he collected pollen from these roses or would the first number (in sequence) seem like one given to a specific rose w/ the pollen parent listed last?

I don’t really intend to do much with this but it is neat to see the roses he was working with.

This is a sample of how things are written and I guess the reason it goes through December is because he did keep roses in tubs in greenhouses and in cellars.

(the first ones are hard for me to read…but something like…)

1 Rosa inernis (sp?) Morlettli (sp?) 1/17-22, 2/10,15,20,24,25,3/3,3/7,4/7,4/14,4/18,4/28,5/3 I honestly don’t know if that rose name means anything to anyone at all or not…

24 Blaze 2/5 4/14

37 Blaze 2/22 4/18

124 9507 Seed of Welton Pollen

125 5525 No. 6

126 8135 Seed Alpha Bland

130 La Melusine 7/1/41

then they continue in this style through 1989 with a date of 12/27

So…at the beginning of the notebook the roses are listed multiple times w/ multiple dates after, then there are a few w/ no dates and then I wonder if he didn’t go back and put in dates (some of the first of July appear before the end of June ones) and then finally he settled on what you see last…the number, name and date. What is neat is that some of them are his roses (not often, but occ. Sioux Beauty or Alika) but a great many are roses I’ve never heard of…I know some are old garden roses and some are HTs…Susan Louise, Daily Mail Scented, Joanna Hill, Gruss an Teplitz, Fluffy Ruffles, Red Letter Day, Poinsetta, American Beauty,Cuba, Prince Felix, Etoile de France…this is a bit of a list…

So…what do you guys think about this list, what would you take it to mean? a list of crosses or just the pollen collected?

Just curious…