Hand picked - for you!

Here is a plant trial opportunity that I had not previously heard of. It’s remarkable in that it is a collaborative trialing program among mostly northern state growers. It is not a brand as much as it is a mark of distinction, a so-called ‘trustmark’.

These are serious regional wholesale growers. It looks like there is only a single rose in their pipeline at the moment.

Thanks for posting the link Don. It’s good to see Robert Rippetoe’s Miracle on the Hudson has received the first rose certification.

SYNRG™ is an interesting model/group of growers on the East Coast working together to leverage resources and sales throughout their region. This Handpicked brand is a creative way for them to not only test plants internally for the group for what are better varieties that they commit to growing for their customers (they would likely invest in this anyways as growers with integrity), but also create some marketing interest by this internal recognition becoming a brand for what they endorse.

Proven Winners started in a similar way as well with a handful of vegetatively propagated flowering annual growers across the country putting resources behind the brand and their internal trialing efforts helping identify which plants they want to have in/endorsed by their brand. PW has expanded with additional growers managing the other plant materials (Spring Meadow Nursery overseeing shrubs and Maria Zampini spearheading trees with SMN and Walters Gardens overseeing their perennials).