growt ceases


After the germination of some OP Astrid Lindgren seeds, it now seems like some of the seedlings stops growing. It looks like it happens as the Cotyledons are “dying”.

The roses have been replanted and watered every day and I fertilized them too.

At the same time some of the other leaves also crumble a bit.

Is it normal that the plants have some minor growth stages, or could it be genetic faultiest??

Looking forward to hear your view, thanks



Bo, I had the same thing on several seedlings. I think it may have been my potting soil which contained fertilizer and may have burned the seedlings. I now use Sunshine mix #4 as recomended by George Mander. Sincerely, Robyn

Hi Robyn

Actually the soil mix I am using, is without fertilizer, but I given them a light fertilizer when I watered them. Should I not give the seedlings fertilizer for a while?