Growing seedlings on after first bloom.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about growing seedlings on after seeing the first bloom. I have my first 21 seedlings in the kitchen under lights. I lost the first one after putting it into a bigger pot. I have not had any disease problems. I’m wondering if I should plant them into the garden or keep them in pots. I also have alot of potential rose predators, living next to a big river with lots of woods about. My Pacific N.W. climate is somewhat mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Thanks for ANY advice! Robyn Swesey

In my area one has to protect from rabbits.


Dear Henry, Thanks so much! Ilearned quite alot from your web site. I have alot of milk jugs due to teenage boys. I especially liked your Yellow Folksinger grandaughter,March 1999 and Folksinger X Illusion. A question about Darlows Enigma… I met Michael Darlow years ago when he had a nursery in Seattle. He had a huge climber that he couldn’t identify, hence the name DE. I have noticed quite alot of buzz on the forum about DE does anyone know what this rose really is? Thanks again, Robyn Swesey