Greenhouse heat

Has anyone ever heated a greenhouse using a household type water heater with a small circulating pump and some type of radiators for space heat and tubing to warm the propagating beds?

Hi Joe, Hi Mom, greg from cape cod. one step better, radiant heat underneeth the stone floor, plastic tubing vs copper radiators,run it the length of the floor in 8 inch intervels,you will have some serious heat at a very low cost. hope you both are in good health. Cheers

Greg - heard you got a greenhouse. Growing some seedlings? Radiant heat is so even and nice. What is your heat source? Are you using a water heater and a circulating pump? Other things - Will catch you off the forum.

How about a solar heater?

Free energy source and very long lasting once you have it up and running.

There used to be electric radiant heat pictures that one hung on a wall like a normal picture. I do not know if they are still available.