Green button eyes & no thorns

Hi there,

This year I started with lots of OP Bonica hips and now have over a 100 seedlings. It’s probably a bit too much, but I want to see the frequency of traits in my seedlings. Just for fun.

Now, some of my seedlings have green button eyes. Some flowers look quite attractive with the green center. I was wondering whether such a trait stays when the seedlings matures, or can it disappear (or even increase) over time?

I also saw a post on this forum about thornless Bonica offspring. At what stage do you judge the seedling to be thornless? Does a thornless small seedling develop thorns when it matures?



re: button eyes. I’ve encountered vegetative centers on a fair percentage of a variety of types on the first bloom. It returns to normal for the second bloom. This happens on both full petalled & semi-double blooms. There’s been no apparent pattern or cause for this.

sudden changes of climate creates vegetative ceters in my Cecil Brunner (the true type from Vintage, not the spray version). And it has happend to Livin Easy once. It always occurs in the start and end of spring.

I have many seedlings of Bonica, from different pollen parents. Many have vegetative centres, some have lost this as they get older. Curiously, not that many set OP hips.