Good Hybrid Tea seed parents?

Does anyone know any good hybrid tea seed parents? Jim Sproul(sp?) was nice enough to tell me about Gemini, which I will most likely try next year. I am mostly looking for a hybrid tea that passes on excellent fragrance. I have tried Mr Lincoln, Fragrant Cloud, Double Delight, Granada and Big Purple. None have been good seed parents for me. Granada is the only one that consistently forms hips, but germination has been poor so far.

In, Tiffany and Charlotte Armstrong both seem to pass on fragrance. Has anyone ever used them as seed parents?

Thanks for your help!!!


Proud Land for sure. Sunset Celebration, too. Tiffany keeps aborting for me. I think it is too wet here for that rose.

Since I am asking for seed parent suggestions, it’s only fair I tell you what I have learned. I have only been hybridizing for several years, but here are a few roses that are easy to cross-pollinate, have good seed set and germinate well (well for me is ~25%).



Autumn Sunset


Some seed parents that form good hips but that have been less than satisfactory so far:

Fourth of July

Bayse Legacy

Carefree Sunshine

All three of the roses listed have the same problem. They drop their pollen long before the flower opens. Even when I have managed to get the pollen off before it drops, the crosses do not take easily.



Thanks for the response. I have never grown Proud Land. What is it like? How does it compare to Mr Lincoln (if you have it)? Any idea how hardy it is? Besides fragrance, what other traits does it pass on? (sorry for 20 questions!, I owe you one.)


I think it is superior to Mr. Lincoln. It is a shade or two lighter in color, though. Its tall but not as tall as Mr. Lincoln as it is much thicker which is why I recommend it over Mr. Lincoln since the blomms dont fall over. Definately fragrat and probably the largest rose blooms I have seen. No disease here either.

Click the photo link. That was taken 2 years ago. Im 6’2 and my hands are fairly large and that was one whopper of a bloom.


Oh Im zone 8b so answereing hardiness questions is difficult but I treat it like I do Golden Wings which is pruning only and water only on days that are above 95 degrees. Ive never seen die back here.

Wow, what a beautiful rose!!! By any chance, does it pass on its fragrance and flower size to its offspring? Thanks again for you help!

I know it passes on fragrance as exampled by Pratrician. I know that it sets golf ball sized hips extremely easily and it produces a ton of viable seed. I havent germinated any yet. Next year I’ll probably try Firefighter, Scentimental and Aint She Sweet on Proudland.

Thanks again Jadae. Good luck in your hybridizing. You sound like you are a sucker for fragrance like myself=).

Sutter’s Gold, a hybrid tea, is a very good parent that is able to pass a variety of colors, health, and very strang fragrance.

But I haven’t used it on other hybrid teas-- I have used it on shrub roses. One cute seedling of mine is packed full of petals like an OGR, despite that Sutter’s Gold is semi-double, and is nearly thornless and has a fragrance that is strong and good. The pollen parent was Renae-- and so my seedling is probably a triploid, but I will attempt to hybridize this with other fragrant small roses such as Cafe Ole.

I believe Sutter’s Gold has the ability to create very double flowers, as some of the listed offspring have whalloping petal counts… It can pass a vareity of colors, brown and mauves too, but these are usually week. One seedling that I discarded had Love Potion as the pollen parent and it was so beautiful (It was tannish brown with some reddish streaks on the outter petals) but so weak that it was a really heart ache to discard such a thing of beauty.


Thank you so much for the information! I will certainly give Sutter’s Gold a shot.


No prob. I only listed sniffers because you asked. I have to admit there is something rather sentimental about a jumbo sized rose all open-like and packed with fragrance. There a quite few that Ive had no luck with like Velvet Fragrance and White Lightning (pollen worked a wee bit but frustrating). Just Joey works every blue moon but usually develops empty hips. I wanted to try out Rose Rhapsody but J/P doesnt seel it anymore which is sad because it looks like an awesome garden HT–especially from the row that I saw at Washington Park.