Golden Unicorn/Prairie Sunrise questions

Liz said in another thread: “Earthsong, Golden Unicorn, and Prairie Harvest have huge hips on them”. I ordered 1 each of Golden Unicorn and Prairie Sunrise from Chamblee’s this spring. I’m still trying to figure out what I actually received. When I repotted them, I found out I had a total of five roses, not two, so I’m not complaining. All five are still in pots and all five have set hips. Three are obviously neither Golden Unicorn nor Prairie Sunrise (my best guesses at this point for the identity of those three is one Amiga Mia and two of Dr. Buck’s stippled roses, not sure which one). I do have one possible Golden Unicorn and one possible Prairie Sunrise, but I have questions about both. The other four roses have set large hips, close to 1 inch in diameter, but the possible GU’s hips are only about half that size. The possible PS appears identical to the pictures and descriptions I’ve found except for one thing. Chamblee’s website raves about the scent of PS. I’ve been able to detect little or no scent from this rose. I’d appreciate any feedback from anyone familiar with these two roses. Any suggestions on how I determine if I have the real things?


Mark, perhaps your possible golden uniicorn is instead folksinger. Folksinger, at least for me, has a slghtly smaller bloom, with a few more petals, the same coloration, and smaller hips. I have never noticed the scent of prairie sunrise, but the blooms are fairly distinctive. It could be the time of the day that you smell the bloom too. Anyway for what it is worth, those are my 2 cents.

Golden Unicorn doesnt set huge hips for me. Fairly good size though. They are usually the size of those super bouncy balls you can get for a quarter. Perhaps a little smaller. It will form large sprays and every single flower will set a hip. It stays fairly bushy for me.

Prairie Harvest has a lighter yellow for me. Its a very upright growing rose. Vase shapped. GU is more rounded.

GU is more of an orange yellow (muted in hot weather) color. Folksinger is more peachish and fades very fast. If you dont dead head it starts to look bad. It doesnt drop its petals and they turn brown on the plant. Folksinger is very upright and vase like growing. You should be able to tell the difference between Folksinger and GU by growth habbit.