Golden Glow - Some questions

I have become rather curious about this rose of late. Its a reasonable hardy once blooming yellow.

I first would like to know if any one had any experience with it. I am wondering what kind of results people have had using it.

One of the things I am interested in is its ability to pass its yellow color. It looks to have produce some interesting yellow offspring. At first look, it seems as if it passes its yellow color to offspring very well.

I will be adding it to my garden this spring since it seems to be a popular parent.


Many of Ralph Moore’s seedlings came from Golden Glow. I did grow it for a very short time, but didn’t use it. It seems to pass the yellow color very readily, and one miniature offspring-- Golden Angel-- as some peoople told me, is more fertile than Golden Glow. Golden Angel was used to produce Yellow Topaz, a yellow rugosa hybrid… so I’m assuming that the Golden Angel can pass yellow very easily.


Like Enrique mentioned, Golden Angel already has a proven track record (well, so does Golden Glow) and for me is a much more space-efficient way of getting good yellow seedlings. Not only does Golden Angel produce miniatures, but it also has parented many shrub roses as well, only one of which is the amazing Topaz Jewel.

I plan on using Golden Angel as my only seed parent this year (no space for more).