'Giant Meyer' rose? Perhaps AKA 'Conrad Ferdinand Meyer'

Just looking at the parentage of ‘John Clare’ English Rose, I noticed it was to be ‘Wife of Bath’ X ‘Giant Meyer’. I haven’t found a rose by that name, so I wondered if it is soppose to be another name for ‘Conrad F Meyer’. Anyone can help me on this one?

MR XI lists the parentage of ‘John Clare’ as ‘Wife of Bath’ X seedling. Austin has used ‘Conrad Ferdinand Meyer’ as a parent. 'Tamora’s parentage is ‘Chaucer’ X ‘Conrad Ferdinand Meyer’. Maybe 'Giant Meyer" is an unregistered ‘Conrad Ferdinand Meyer’ seedling?

Thanks Jim. I thought it ‘Giant Meyer’ was a nick name for it ‘Conrad Ferdinand Meyer’ because CFM is so huge, hence the word “Giant”.