Getting a rose introduced

I have a rose that I would like to approach some growers about. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Should I get a patent before I even start sending pictures, or does that come later down the road? I want to make sure there is interest before I get a patent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As far as the rose, here is a picture:

I have been hesitant to introduce this rose because the flowers can burn in the mid-summer sun and the market seems to have more than enough striped climbers, but I think the color is unique enough. Honest thoughts?

Shane, I really like it! What a shame about the mid-summer sun burning. For me (living in the desert) that’s a biggie. OF course, not much looks good here in the summer…

Shane - If you get a copy of “Rose Hybridizing - The Next Step” which is available from the RHA there are a couple of good articles in there regarding what you ask - one on obtaining a patent, and one on some tips for introducing a rose.

Judith, it is definitely not a rose for the hot desert. Like most “black” roses, it has its best color in cooler climates. I also have Black Jade which burns just like this one. Since Black Jade is so popular, I am assuming there is still a market for roses in this color range despite their tendency to burn. I could definitely be wrong, however.

John, I forgot about that book. I got it primarily for the list of good parents and did not read much further. Thanks for the advice.

Any others?

Shane, I have to agree with you. I have a Black Jade and just can’t get a good bloom on it here. However, it is a wonderful rose and sure has a market in the rest of the country!

Shane, it is a pretty rose with unusual coloring. I like the clusters of bloom also. You might consider approaching one of the rose companies about it. Do you have more photos? They would evaluate it for two years to decide whether or not to build up the variety for further evaluation. Full evaluation can take 5 years or more! If they like it, more than likely they would patent it.

Jim Sproul

For those of you in the hot dry parts of the country, try an old HT called Neue Review. Likes the heat!

Jim, thanks for the help. I will hold off on the patent until it is evaluated by some companies.

I have a lot of photos, and am building up stock, so I am just about ready to contact some companies. If this one does not work out, it is always fun producing another one.

Could someone tell me how to register a rose with a name and what costs are there


Go to the website for the International Registration Authority for Roses (IRAR). Haven’t mastered the process to have the link set up for you, so cut and paste this URL in. You can apply for your authorization and then submit your registration. No cost to do this.