Germination improvement by means of soybean extract.

Title: Germination improvement by means of soybean extract.

Author: Bucksteeg, Wilhelm.

Published in: Nachrbl. deut. Pflanzenschutzdienst, volumn 18, pages 87-88, (1938).

Abstract: "Soybean ext. was prepd. by digesting 1 part soybeans, freed of the shell and bitter principle, with 4 parts H2O at 60

I guess I’m new at this and didn’t tet it the first time. Soy extract is likely to contain pinitol, sucrose and flavonoids like genistein, an antioxidant. These could stimulate bacteria in the soil or perhaps work directly on the seed itself to promote germination. But soysauce might work as well. A great science fair project

Soysauce? Interesting… I might just have to try that with half of a batch of OP seeds and see what happens.


I would think that the high salt content of soy sauce would kill the seed.

You can get soy extract at healthfood stores.

Would it rot in the soil and stink?

One would think so. You’d probably get Natto.

Yeah, maybe that is why it works – the natto stench scares away any bacteria and fungi that might harm the seedling! Now I really am going to have to find soybean extract and give it a try, just to find out. Though if it starts smelling like natto, it is going straight into the garbage.


Personally, I like Natto! Yum. Sticky, gooey, slimy and stinks like ammonia. What’s not to like?