Germinating seeds from Suzanne

I notice from previous messages that seeds from Suzanne have been difficult to germinate. I (foolishly?) got a couple of plants hoping that at last I’d found a good hardy seed parent, and better yet one that is a Spinosissima. Has no one been able to germinate them at all? Or is the offspring mildew or blackspot prone? I note too that Help Me Find lists no descendants, though I’m pretty sure it’s in the breeding of John Davis as well as others. Though that’s probably via (Red Dawnx Suzanne)? Sadly here in the states no one seems to have Hazeldean available to buy as Paul Olsen notes that it may be the best yellow hardy hybrid. Thanks for any help, Joe

Peter Harris’s R-15 is a first generation Hazeldean seedling. My (Rugelda X R-15) is a second generation Hazeldean seedling.

I have used / am using Suzanne. This season the offspring of (Suzanne X OP) that are germinating are with rugosa type fathers. However, I suspect that some of these fathers do have some tetraploid pollen.


A few days ago when I went to Heritage, to see Robusta, I got to see Frulingsduft (actually, I smelled it several feet before I found it).

Very thickly perfumed, sorta nose-itching but deliciously musky and spicey.

It’s yellow, flowers are very nicely formed, and sorta remind me of Peace with the pink/yellow comination. If you want to work with Spinosissimas, you should try with one of the Fruglings series. I know Frulingsmorgan has been greatly used, but the others haven’t been used at all as far as I can see.

I like Frulingsduft too Enrique. I haven’t used it in breeding yet, but it’s been relatively cane hardy and flowered well at the U of MN landscape Arb


Isn’t that fragrance great? I don’t know if anyone else compared it to this, but now thinking on it-- It smells much like Night Blooming Jasmin.

I so much prefer this one over the rest of the Frulings series. It’s absolutely studded with hybrid-teaish like flowers. The color is great. The form is beautiful. I don’t know why the US don’t plant this more freqently in public settings. I think this rose would be much more nicer over other public roses.

I would imagine that lack of repeat bloom limits the attraction of ‘Fruhlingsduft’ for public displays, since they seem to concentrate on continuity of color in making rose choices more than anything else. It’s also a very difficult rose to find commercially - perhaps it’s difficult to propagate. I wouldn’t mind one but Vintage is a bit pricey for me to be ordering from with much frequency.

Hardy, useful seed parents do seem to be the most difficult kind of roses to come by. I hope you have good luck with ‘Suzanne’!

Henry, I’m glad to hear you’ve had luck with Suzanne. It gives me hope! Both of my plants from Ashdown came laden with buds, but I don’t think any of my pollen from last year in the freezer is still good to use as I moved and it’s thawed at least once. Therefore I’ll probably collect the pollen and freeze it for use on other things later when the other roses are in bloom.

R-15 looks just about impossible to get. Henry, are you propagating your (Rugelda X R-15)? What a lovely cross.

The Fruhling series is a good idea Enrique, don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Has anyone seen hips on Fruhlingsduft? HMF doesn’t mention any in the references. I too remember that Fruhlingsmorgen had some offspring, but can’t seem to find what they are now.

Stefan, Hortico seems to have some of the Fruhlings series available, and they aren’t sold out.

Thanks all for the input. Joe

Joe, I distributed cuttings of (Rugelda X R-15) this winter, see:


I think my cuttings took. I know one did for sure. Maybe it will be seed parent fertile and I can stick Rabble Rouser on it. That would be a nice match up. I wonder how hardy Rabble Rouser is for you guys farther up north? (Anytime X Liverpool Echo) X [(Flamenco X Rosa Bella) X Baby Love]

Joe, I think I remember Frulingsduft having hips a long time ago.

But I could be wrong…

I don’t visit Heritage much, and when I do, it’s nearly always early spring or late summer and winter. I have terrible allergies (what a hobby-- right?) and so I can’t really be around that many roses without suffering quite much.

When I went a few days ago, it was towards late afternoon and I was on Claratin. And I still needed a shower to clear up my sinuses. But I will return this winter, and hopefully I will remember to see if Frulingsduft have hips.

Im highly allergic too for two weeks in late May. I just hide indoors then. Ive had pills and shots and all that jazz and nothing works. Im certain that it is some grass species in this area. Luckily Im not allergic to roses! I always feel dumb when my allergies act up yet people know Im into horticulture. Its almost sad lol.