Germinated Seeds

Three to four weeks ago I planted several hundred seeds (I’m way behind this year)—three of the seeds had split open and had a root. I have two questions:

Approximately how long will it take for the three germinated seeds to have growth above ground?

Is it hopeless for the other seeds so late in the season?

Thank you!


Hi Gail:

Don’t give up!

In my experience, germination will continue just so long the temperatures are not too high. It is best if night-time temps are still lower than 50 degrees or so.

Top growth should be evident within a day or two (three or four at most) of the seeds germinating.

Watch out for damp-off!


I have germination year round without any problems. Actually, I’ve just gotten recent germinations of a damask rose that I stratified about 2 years ago. I usually have seedlings in very dappled shade until they gotten new foilage, and then they’re on their own.

Thank you both for the encouraging advice! I just now dug up the three seeds that had a root when planted three weeks ago, and they have since rotted (even though they had been planted in a special “no damp-off” soilless mix and were watered with a hydrogen peroxide/water mix)

I assume that one should keep the planted seeds outside in order to get the lowest temperatures at night. Before the seeds germinate, do you keep them in the sun or shade?